Commercial Steel Buildings

As a business owner, we are here to assist you in making the proper choice of steel structure to fit your business requirements. Please allow us to outline some of the applications and advantages associated with using steel structures as opposed to traditional materials for your business purposes.

Corporate Offices - One of the most popular applications for commercial steel buildings is the corporate office. As you know, there is a very wide range of sizes and designs for offices, and we are here to assist you in making that choice. With steel, it is possible to build a durable solution that allows the open office space required in modern building codes for workers. The steel structure can be honed to practically any business purpose. If you require an open-office setup, steel buildings give you the advantage of very wide spacial distances without the need for supporting struts. As safety is a key aspect in building codes where employees work, steel structures will help your reduce the complexity of maintenance tasks in the corporate office. Wires, insulation, and technical materials need to be hid in the ceilings and walls of the corporate office, and with steel buildings, multiple panels are easy to install to keep workers safe while allowing easy maintenance and configuration of the office setup, if required.

Freight terminals and Distribution Centers - Commercial entities involved with movement of goods is an ever-growing business word-wide. As trade expands, the need for freight terminals and distribution centers also expands. Thousands of tons of equipment, vehicles, and moving parts need to be contained within your structure. Wood and stone are no longer options for handling this massive influx on a modern level. The need for durability in such places is of utmost importance. Your structure needs to be able to withstand being hit by large boxes, pushed against by trucks and loaders, and able to protect any items housed within them. The only way to ensure this protection while reaping the advantage of cost-effectiveness is by converting your old wood and stone structure into a steel one. We can assist you in making the right decision. We will find out about your business structure and your distribution channels, and help you to design the right structure for your business needs.

Shopping Centers and Shopping Malls - Another key application in steel structures are shopping centers and malls. Modern structures built for this purpose are no longer the simple tunnel structure reminiscent of the 1970's strip mall. Today, these structures are designed with a keen aspect of aesthetic quality. With a steel structure, you will be able to design your shopping center or mall to fit your design requirements. With millions of dollars in products housed within them, the steel structure will protect your clients' products from fire and water damage. This will help to lower insurance risks and rates for both yourself and your clients who might rent your space. With building codes requiring safety combined with aesthetic quality growing ever more strict, it is important to envelope these considerations into the design of your building. Steel structures offer the obvious advantage in regard to these requirements. Protection of goods, low maintenance costs, safety for visitors, and aesthetic design are leading factors in the design of your steel structure for retail purposes.

Storage facilities - Whether you are involved with the business of either temporary or permanent storage, space and protection are of primary importance in your business requirements. Steel commercial structures offer both. Elemental damage from wind, water, or fire are significantly reduced through the use of steel. Large spaces can be constructed without severance by structural supports. Temperature is a very important aspect in storage, especially in the agricultural trade. Air conditioning and heating are very expensive, but luckily for you, steel is one of the most effective insulators. Commercial steel storage buildings offer you the flexibility of design to incorporate extra insulation, refrigeration, and heating sources into the structure so that your good will not be spoiled or damaged. Let us assist you in choosing the right design for your commercial steel storage facility.

If modern, cost-effective design is important to you, steel structures are the best choice. Please contact our team of consultants so that we can get started. Every aspect of your business will be taken into consideration to give you the best value for your money, without compromise to quality.