Used Steel Buildings

If you've had the opportunity to look through the information about steel building construction, then you know that one of the best qualities of any steel building is that rather than being permanently constructed using nails and adhesives, steel buildings are bolted together. When you make the decision to purchase a used metal building, you don't have to worry about whether the building will be damaged from the deconstruction process; bolts are simply removed, and the building is disassembled in parts that can be later reassembled. Most resellers will provide a logical system for you to follow during reassembly. For instance, many resellers choose to use a numbering system, accompanied by a schema. Following the schema and numbering plan, you will be able to construct your building in no time.

As a consumer, you know that the advantage of purchasing a used steel building is, obviously, the lower cost involved. As there may be some wear and tear associated with usage, the steel building will be delivered to you at a much lower cost. Many manufacturers will even give you free delivery.

You have to weigh the cost of the used building against your own particular requirements. Since the building is already constructed according to someone else's plans, in most cases you will not have the opportunity to create large, structural customizations. For instance, if the previous owner elected to have a column-frame with little upper support structure, it will be difficult to later decide to convert that used steel building into a column-free structure with i-beam upper support. One of the important factors to remember, is that the less the reassembly team or yourself, have to spend on re-boring holes for bolts in the frame, the better. If boring is something that you don't mind doing, always keep in mind that every customization that changes the strength of the metal increases the chance of structural failure.

You have to consider your space when you are purchasing your used steel building. Since you want to avoid expensive design decisions, try to be flexible in your approach. It is possible, for instance, to mix-and-match different steel structure systems in order to fill the space that you need. Because steel buildings are put together in a piece-wise manner, it is possible to even connect the disparate structures, depending upon whether your measurements line up, or not.

Most uses for used steel structures are very informal. For applications like residences, where aesthetic appeal is necessary, they may be an inappropriate solution. Since residential steel structure have often already been customized by the previous owner, the cost, for instance, of removing any paneling, insulation, and foundation removal, will most likely outweigh the cost advantage of purchasing a used building. Most consumers elect to use used steel buildings for factories, barns, tool sheds, and other practical purposes. For strip-mall applications, they are exceptionally advantageous, as you have the ability to put different used buildings together to create a large, tubular walking structure for customers, while using other parts for the vendors themselves.

However, the concern with avoiding customization should not drive you towards choosing traditional materials for your structure. The many advantages of steel, including durability, maintenance cost savings, and resistance to elemental damage always outweigh traditional materials like wood and stone. As a modern consumer, you will be happy to know that purchasing a steel building (and, especially a used one), is one of the most environmentally conscious decisions you can make when it comes to building structures.

Since steel buildings have been around for quite some time, the availability of used steel buildings is high. For this reason, the cost to purchase one can be up to half of a similar-sized steel building that you design and purchase from scratch. At the same time, always make sure that the wear and tear factor is included when deciding upon your purchase. You should make sure that there are no cracks or rust on the interior or exterior, and always make sure that in places where bolts have to be replaced, you use some kind of moisture repellent, so as to prevent rust from building around these areas. If you have any questions about where to purchase your used steel building, please contact us and we would be happy to help.