Steel Building Prices

The cost for building your steel structure varies according to your individual needs. If you are interested in a design that requires customized architectural plans, then you are most likely going to have plan for a higher budget for your steel structure. Accordingly, if your steel structure is one that entails only a basic design, then you should probably choose a steel structure kit that can easily assembled and does not require customized cutting and construction.

The cost for steel buildings will rise if you plan on having a special architectural design to fit into your available space, but even if you are not choosing a customized design, you will also have to consider what will be stored inside the steel structure. If you plan on having special insulation, a special foundation material, shelving, or other built-in materials inside the steel building, then the price will, of course, rise as a result of this as well. However, it is best to always think about the importance of stored materials, and weigh this against the cost in order to make sure that your materials will stay safe and sound inside your building.

For most cases, the cost of a steel building depends upon the construction method and the design of the building. As a consumer, you can expect that an arched wall will be less expensive than a straight wall design. This means, that in most cases, a commercial building will be relatively cheaper than a residential building. Commercial buildings are fit for the arch type design, while residential buildings are almost invariably of straight wall design in order to capture the traditional look and feel of a residential building. In addition, with residential buildings, it is nearly always the case that the owner requires certain aesthetic enhancements on the outside and inside of the building, which will cause the price to rise accordingly. For commercial buildings, the cost begins at about 5 dollars per square foot, while a residential building begins at a cost of about 7 dollars per square foot. However, you as a consumer should be aware that these quotations are only a starting point, and any enhancements or customizations will, of course, cause this price to rise. In regard to arched wall steel structures, their overall cost is usually up to 30 percent cheaper than those that are built using a straight wall design.

The good news about steel buildings is that they are invariable cheaper than traditional materials. As you know, the cost of wood fluctuates according to availability, and in many cases can rise to 50 percent higher in a period of six months. This makes pricing for wood structures very hard to control. Steel remains quite stable in price and availability, and since it is a recyclable material, this adds to the cost effectiveness of using steel for your future structure.

We've talked a lot in our information pages about the long-term benefits of using steel as a material for construction. In addition to reduction of maintenance costs, steel is considered by most localities as a green material. This means that most governments allow you get a tax benefit if you use steel. On February 17th, 2009 President Obama approved a bill that allows for greater tax benefits for energy-efficient building materials. This tax credit raised the benefit from 10 percent to 30 percent, allowing for a maximum credit of 1500 dollars for your structure, depending upon its usage.

We have already discussed that one of the key advantages of using steel as a building material is its durability. For this reason, most manufacturers offer a long warranty on their structures. When discussing prices with your manufacturer, make sure to ask about the warranty. For most structures, you should be looking at up to a 20 year guarantee on the structure. This is an advantage which is very hard to match if you are using traditional materials like wood and stone. Their constant maintenance cost makes such guarantees impossible.

So, if cost effectiveness is key to you as a consumer, you are already on the right path. By choosing a steel building structure over traditional building material, you have already bypassed many costs in the long run. Now, you just have to choose the design and configuration that is right for your purposes.