Steel Building Construction

When choosing your steel building, you will enjoy the many benefits of steel from the very beginning of the process. As many steel buildings are built using a computer-base design, the requirement to have the structure planned using blue prints by an architect is bypassed. Even if you choose a design that is from a standard design, you can always choose to customize this design later, without the heavy construction cost burden required with buildings made of traditional materials.

The sturdiness of steel buildings means that if your needs are centered around practical use, such as a barn or storage facility, you will be able to skip one of the most costly steps in the construction of buildings using traditional materials. That is, the construction of the foundation. With steel buildings that are used for practical, rather than residential purposes, you can often elect to use an arch-type design that will give you all the architectural soundness of a traditional structure built using a foundation as a starting point.

Another great advantage of steel is that buildings will be prefabricated and manufactured before they arrive at the construction site. Since steel is widely available, areas that do not have a large wood supply can still benefit from manufacturers that use a partner network to deliver their materials to the construction site. You will thus bypass the need to deliver expensive wood products and also save on the cutting and customization involved with traditional materials. Since steel is lighter than most wood, a cost benefit is also found in this regard. During the manufacturing process, even the welding of the steel can be completed by the manufacturer at the factory, enabling minimal time at the construction site.

Construction of prefabricated steel buildings takes less than half the time of buildings that are built using traditional materials because of the lack of lengthy preparation times during the manufacturing process.

For residential buildings, there is always the important consideration of customization of the structure after the initial construction. Again, you will avoid the lengthy period of deconstruction since steel walls can be easily re-welded and cut according to need. You can add new rooms, walls, and roof panels to your steel structure in a fast and efficient way using the advantages that steel has to offer.

We mentioned earlier that during the construction of a steel building for practical usage, in most cases, and if elemental factors are considered, you can bypass the need to use a foundation. However, in some applications the reinforcement factor of concrete is absolutely necessary. For instance, if you are using your steel building for office space or for residential applications, concrete will most likely be used during construction. Using steel as the base material allows for better support for the concrete when floors are being constructed. Since there is less issue regarding support, this allows for the labor hours to be reduced when pouring the concrete. In an optimal situation, and depending upon the size of the building, a steel-concrete building can rise one floor level per day. Since the design and planning of steel building always includes the consideration of the strength of the steel, there will be less question about the ability of the steel to support concrete. This accelerates the process considerably, and can reduce construction times by up to 40 percent when comparing steel structures to traditional structures that use wood or stone as a base.

Since steel grants you the highest weight to strength of any building material, you will be able to build longer spans while using smaller wall heights for support. This is especially important when the building's application will be for office space. You will be able to create more offices and levels in the building that you would if you were using traditional materials. What this means is more rentable space for your customers and, therefore, more money in your pocket.

After the base of your building has been created, you will be able to decide on whether your building requires customization for aesthetic purposes. If they shall be included, than it will be an easy process. Paints and stuccos for steel are generally also cheaper than those that will be used for traditional materials, and can be attained from the same manufacturer that prefabricates your building.