Steel Building Benefits

Let's talk about the myriad advantages of purchasing a steel building, as opposed to a traditional building constructed of stone and wood. If you've ever had any structure built by a carpenter or a mason, you know that most of the cost is inherent in the labor involved. Each piece of material has to be individually measured, cut, and placed exactly. With steel building structures, you can eliminate this massive overhead, because all steel structures are manufactured to preconfigured measurements. With steel structures, it is only a matter of assembly, rather than the extensive preparation needed with other materials. For instance, one of the most expensive parts of building any structure is the foundation upon which the structure must sit. As steel is lighter and more structurally sound, you do not have the need to pay a mason to construct an expensive foundation, which most likely will need to be replaced in a few years because of soil settling, or weather extremes.

If building codes in your area are strict, your steel building structure can be easily modified to conform. If your area is prone to high winds or earthquake damage, it is easy to configure your steel building to withstand these forces, which are a prominent consideration when applying for building construction permits.

One of the inherent advantages of steel is its strength. As you know, almost all large buildings are built using steel, and strength is the reason. This strength helps, not only to make the structure more stable, but also to reduce costs. With stone and wood buildings, more support is needed over wide spaces, grossly increasing cost and planning. With steel structures, you have eliminated all of these costs, while still gaining the advantage of incomparable strength quality compared to other building materials. When we talk about this practically, this means that you can have taller walls and wider spaces without the need for mid-span support.

When we talk about wood and stone structures, we have to take into consideration how those structures are put together. These structures invariably need nails and studs that require piercing the material in order to hold them together. However, this leads to elemental damage, as water, dirt, and mildew tend to penetrate the area where the nail or stud has been placed. Warping, bending, and eventual structural failure necessarily lead from this inherent disadvantage with wood and stone structures. You can easily avoid this; by using a steel structure, parts are easily placed together, without the mix of natural and manufactured building parts that lead to elemental damage. Impermeable to water, plant-life, and insects, steel buildings offer all the advantages of durability, combined with practicality. This leads to more money in your pocket, as you have eliminated the need for maintenance against elemental damage.

One of the most important aspects of steel building structures is their safety record. Steel structures do not catch on fire, and they will not spread fire if one should break out. In many cases, this means lower insurance premiums on your property.

Many years from now, you might decide that you want to replace your steel structure with another. Even in this case, steel structure buildings easily beat buildings made of traditional materials. The average wood frame structure generated about 50 cubic feet of waste compared to 11.5 for steel structures. The best part of the steel structure, is that it is one-hundred percent recyclable. This means that you will make more money back, as you can sell your steel structure to be recycled and offset the cost of your next purchase.

We have outlined the many of advantages of steel buildings. From the beginning of the life-cycle; from the planning, to use, to final recycling of the materials, steel buildings offer your every advantage over structures built from traditional materials. In many ways, steel structures end up paying for themselves. With less maintenance, lower insurance premiums, easy setup, and easy disposal, steel structures are the right choice for a practical and durable solution to your residential or commercial needs. Contact us today, and let us help you make the right choice in your plans to purchase a new steel building structure. Our team of experience consultants will be happy to help you.